Real-time reporting, detailed simulations and accelerated business processes – SAP HANA enables companies to flexibly analyse large data volumes and to make previously hidden interrelationships visible.

As expert in business intelligence, Consenso has already adopted this advanced technology at an early stage in order to make these potentials available in a timely manner. We are ready to support our customers in terms of

  • Design
  • Concept
  • Implementation
  • Migration

of SAP HANA solutions.

Consenso’s consulting portfolio offers a comprehensive value assessment for SAP HANA starting from strategy consulting. The objective is to demonstrate the potential increase in the added value by the use of SAP HANA. Furthermore, Consenso supports the implementation of the SAP Business Warehouse based on SAP HANA as well as migration to SAP HANA from the Business Suite.

Our HANA landing page provides you with answers to the following questions:

  • What is SAP HANA and what added value does HANA have?
  • What are the possible application scenarios?
  • What does Consenso’s service portfolio look like (with regards to the use of SAP HANA)?
  • What is the approach for a successful application of SAP HANA?
  • What does the future SAP strategy look like?

What does a SAP HANA implementation mean?