Consenso in Manufacturing

Machinery and Plant Engineering

Machinery and plant engineering is facing various challenges in the production, development and maintenance of industrial goods. The requirements within the supply chain are continuously on the rise. Increasing competition causes considerable cost pressures. Bills of material (BOMs) developing during the life cycle require increased flexibility. Cost pressure often demands shifting production abroad.

In this context, the challenges for the manufacturing industry as well as machine and plant engineering lie in the realisation of tailor-made customer solutions which must be developed rapidly and produced cost-effectively. The main focus in on reacting flexibly towards the customer and simultaneously standardising products and processes.

These requirements clearly show the need for economical and consistent control of the logistics chain. From customer query via development, planning, project handling, procurement, production, pre- and post-calculation up to customer service – the entire value chain should be considered in an integrated ERP solution.

High-tech Industry

Hardly any other industry puts such high demands on companies’ flexibility and responsiveness as the high-tech industry. The success of high-tech companies is subject to constant innovation in technologies, products and business models. Building alliances and cooperating with a network of business partners, such as component and system suppliers, service providers, manufacturers, distributors, resellers and customers, are further tasks that, at the same time, are the key to competitiveness in the high-tech market.

Outsourcing, offshoring, new finance and environmental regulations, shorter product lifecycles? Today’s high-tech companies are facing countless challenges. Consenso offers the solutions to cope with these challenges.