An extract from our project list

Consenso advises renowned companies from industry, trade/retail and services. Our customers’ challenges are as specific as their environment and business.

Our customer base includes well-known companies in the upper midsize market through to multinational groups.

Consenso supports BayWa’s retail project ASTRA

Based on existing SAP template solutions of BayWa and RWA (Raiffeisen Ware Austria), the ASTRA project has been launched in order to realise a SAP Retail template for all warehouse companies in Austria to be rolled out in three warehouse pilot companies in 2016.

Together with the SAP Retail system implementation, a central SAP master data system will be set up in the group.

In early 2015, Consenso took over the sub-project Development within the ASTRA project. In addition, Consenso has been supporting the project in creating functional designs as well as their realisation and documentation.

The solution is built on SAP HANA technology combining diverse techniques of the hardware and software sector.

Based on HANA technology, huge data volumes can be analysed and processed in real-time. In order to maximise the performance benefits, special HANA methods are implemented during development.

Consenso manages project for process optimisation at Vaillant

In autumn 2015, Consenso took over the business project management for the optimisation of GARANKA’s process landscape, a French subsidiary of the Vaillant group.

Volkswagen commissions Consenso with a further order for the international VADO rollout

The successful implementation of commercial scrapping ensures complete transparency of sales and settlement processes. This solution is integrated into the existing landscape by connecting external systems via PI. The productive start affects the German VW / AUDI sites followed by the rollout in the international locations.

VADO has enabled standardised sales processes for valuable materials as well as up-to-date invoicing and invoice posting. All process steps are now system-supported by continuous data availability.

The application (basis SD and FI) includes new web dynpros, SAP BW is used for reporting.

Continental commissions Consenso with HANA development for different applications cases

Continental AG’s Warranty Data Analysis (WDA) project is aimed at storing customer complaints in a central SAP HANA database in order to set up relevant reports used by the quality key account managers.

The individual producers prepare their data on errors that occurred in various formats and characteristics, which then are stored in a Data Landing Zone (DLZ). From there, the newly developed ETL processor collects and processes the source data and loads it into SAP HANA database. Furthermore, Consenso supports the creation and optimisation of IPTV reporting based on imported data in HANA.

The web-enabled reports are realised with SAP BO Design Studio, thus enabling direct access to the HANA database via HANA views as well as visualisation and dynamic analyses for the users.

Consenso supports rollout of the new SAP Retail template in EDEKA Minden-Hannover

EDEKA Minden-Hannover, the largest EDEKA region, introduces the new, standardised LUNAR template for regional ERP (RWWS, Regionale Warenwirtschaft) based on SAP Retail.

Minden is the first region to combine the RWWS template with the new platform for Supply Chain Management (SCM). This fact makes the project a very special challenge and one of the largest IT projects in the history of German trade.

With this new SCM platform EDEKA as well as SAP reach a new stage in logistics planning for retailers. The software covers e.g. analysis of the best distribution centre (available-to-promise) for each order and automatic fair share allocation of available goods to the ordering stores in case of shortfalls.

Consenso supports RWWS/SCM implementation at EDEKA Minden-Hannover with management, consulting and development services.

Furthermore, Consenso supports IT in Minden in the following fields:

  • Controlled integration of the stores’ existing ERP solutions into the new wholesale ERP solution based on the LUNAR template.
  • Rollout of the solution in additional 1,800 stores.
  • Implementation of new shelf labels in the stores taking into account simultaneous use of different ERP systems.
  • Centralisation of local article creation in the stores towards wholesale.
ALDI Nord implements new ERP system

After a project duration of less than one year, the ALDI Nord group switched its ERP system to the standardised branch solution SAP Retail. The first regional company is now working with the new solution comprising the classical goods movements, master data delivery to the stores, warehouse disposition and store accounting as well as relevant statistics. The objective is to support efficient and easy work in the regional companies and stores with a modern software also in the future. The very short project duration was achieved with the help of the cooperation partners SAP and Consenso Consulting GmbH.

The new software enables improved transparency along the flow of goods from suppliers to customers. Highest possible flexibility in terms of analysability of data is ensured by the so-called HANA database used for SAP Retail and based on in-memory technology. SAP operates the system in the HANA Enterprise Cloud. During the next months, SAP Retail will be implemented in the other ALDI companies at home and abroad.

(Press release of ALDI Einkauf GmbH & Co. OHG of 3rd June 2015)

Consenso implements agency business at E/D/E

Since September 2014, Consenso has been supporting ETRIS Bank in Wuppertal in implementing agency business (SAP LO-AB). ETRIS Bank, a subsidiary of E/D/E (Einkaufsbüro Deutscher Eisenhändler), focuses on medium-sized trading companies.

hagebau commissions Consenso with an analysis of its trade/retail processes

hagebau, Handelsgesellschaft für Baustoffe mbH & Co. KG, is a group of more than 360 medium-sized companies doing business in the fields of building materials, wood and tiles as well as in retail.

In 2013, Consenso created a decision proposal for hagebau’s project “Finance” based on already defined business requirements to IT and including recommended actions in regards to target architecture for business and IT, specific solution scenarios and resulting benefit potentials.

An AS-IS/TO-BE analysis was performed resulting in models of the future core processes and outlining the IT system landscape as well as the essential implementation strategy for realisation.

Consulting and development within the SAP SD environment for Axel Springer

Since May 2015, Consenso has been supporting Axel Springer SE (IT Services, Advertising & Sales) in terms of consulting and development within the SAP SD environment. The project focuses on the migration of order processing, accounting in SAP SD advertising management and further operative topics.

Consenso implements SAP FSCM at Schenker

Under the leadership of Schenker AG, DB Schenker Logistics can rely on many decades of experience and a large service expertise in the international transport and logistics business. In 2010, with Consenso as implementation partner, Schenker started an implementation aiming at a harmonised claims management based on SAP FSCM (Financial Supply Chain Management) with the modules Credit, Dispute and Collections Management.

Starting position:

  • Heterogeneous IT landscape
  • No efficient, standardised processes for the area claims management
  • No central directives
  • High average payment period


  • Worldwide implementation of preferably homogeneous, automatic and high quality claims management processes
  • Reduction of the average payment period and overdue payments

While, from 2010 to 2013, a first project focused on creating a SAP FSCM template and rolling it out in the pilot countries USA and Canada, the project for the international rollout in overall 55 countries started in 2012 already, being in full progress at the moment and supposed to be completed by 2017.

amor commissions Consenso with SAP BW reporting within logistic environment

Logo amor

amor is a brand for genuine jewellery made of silver and gold with distribution via amor-specific retailing (e.g. online shop) and department stores. Since October 2015, Consenso supports amor in setting up its data model in BW (near SAP standard) for reporting in the field of logistics.

SAP BW Consulting for Commerz Real

Commerz Real is a 100% subsidiary of Commerzbank AG and specialised on asset investments. Since October 2015, Consenso has been providing consulting services for Commerz Real in the field of SAP BW, thus supporting data extraction for SAP BW via standard functionalities (APD or OpenHub).

Consenso advises DAW in BI environment

Since 1895, DAW SE has developed, produced and distributed innovative coating systems, thus continuously becoming the third largest manufacturer of building paints in Europe and market leader in Germany, Austria and Turkey.

Consenso supports DAW with SAP BW consulting services in planning & forecasting.

Dispute Management for Peine Salzgitter

In summer 2015, Consenso implemented FSCM Dispute Management at Peine Salzgitter AG on behalf of GESIS. This implementation focused on the first two company codes, a further rollout is being planned.

Vaillant commissions Consenso with support of SAP activities

Consenso supports Vaillant Group IT with consulting and supporting services within the SAP SD environment. The activities currently focus on supporting all Vaillant sites and companies in the process “OrderToCash” in terms of user care as well as record, design and realisation of new requirements.

Furthermore, Consenso has taken over project management for the optimisation of the process landscape at GARANKA, the French subsidiary of Vaillant group.

New ERP system for ALDI NORD

The company group ALDI NORD is migrating its previous ERP system to the commercial solution SAP for Retail. Project implementation is executed together with the cooperation partners SAP and Consenso Consulting GmbH.

After careful consideration, ALDI NORD has decided to replace its former ERP solution, banking on the homogeneous trade solution SAP for Retail. The new software manages the overall retailing processes – from supplier order, via warehouse processing through to delivery to POS (points of sale). In future, the product shall be used in all European companies of the ALDI NORD group. The objective is to facilitate work in ALDI NORD’s regional companies and POS with the help of a modern and efficient software. Furthermore, SAP for Retail ensures harmonisation of cross-company processes on both, national and international level, considering country-specific legal requirements.

The positive results of the proof of concept, performed by ALDI NORD, its implementation partner Consenso and SAP, were the determining factors for the decision to implement SAP standard software. During the feasibility study already, it became clear that ALDI NORD’s lean and efficient retailing processes can be modelled and even optimised with SAP for Retail. “We are pleased that ALDI NORD has chosen SAP and take on the challenge to quickly and comprehensively model the business processes within standard SAP. The efficient and lean processes and structures of ALDI NORD perfectly correspond to SAP”, says Volker Scheffer (Global Senior Program Executive and trade expert), who accompanied the decision process. ALDI NORD’s business processes shall internationally remain strictly standardised. In the coming months, business operations and software standards will be brought in line in order to implement the SAP solution. Rainer Nolte, Managing Director of Consenso Consulting GmbH, is convinced that a quick implementation is possible in cooperation with ALDI NORD’s project team: “Following the quite demanding proof of concept, we are sure that the ambitious objectives and quick rollout into all regional companies can be achieved with our template approach.”

The new software opens the possibility to improve transparency in the flow of goods from suppliers to end customers. This provides many long-term advantages, in particular for the regional companies and POS: e.g. the companies can benefit from real-time comprehensive business evaluations.

(Press release by ALDI NORD Einkauf GmbH & Co. oHG as of 10.03.2014)

Consenso supports Continental in the field of BW for planning and reporting tools

A web-based master data entry platform serves as the basis for the globally rolled out master data entry, planning and reporting tool, performing planning and budgeting on diverse organisational objects. The budgets run through their own workflow and are then extracted into one of the ERP systems. The application platform is SAP NetWeaver BW 7.0 and will be lifted onto BW 7.3 in 2012.

Besides the solution implementation, Consenso takes on an essential part in the design of the planning and reporting application.

Furthermore, some new functions and layouts have already been implemented with the help of the BI integrated planning.

As a further project milestone and next step, the planning application will completely be implemented from BPS to BI-IP.

Successful implementation of Real estate Management by Consenso at Porta

Porta Möbel GmbH & Co. KG is one of the three leading furniture companies in Germany, operating furniture stores named Porta, SB Möbel Boss and Hausmann from its headquarters in Porta Westfalica.

Implementation of SAP RE-FX was based on a prototypical approach. A first prototype was built and then enhanced during the following design phase and based on the results of several workshops with the business departments. The workshops provided essential information on organisation structures, master data of business partners and real estates as well as contract management and controlling requirements.

Following design and prototyping, the further implementation strategy – subsequently also realised together with Consenso – was defined. The implementation scope comprised complete real estate master and contract data administration, building the base for the comprehensive changeover to SAP RE-FX within a Big Bang in 2014. Since production start, Consenso has been supporting Porta in maintaining and enhancing the system.

Consenso implements worldwide SRM at Volkswagen

Volkswagen uses SRM (Supplier Relationship Management) for the worldwide procurement processes of maintenance and non-series material.

The project “Konzern SRM” comprises group-wide harmonisation of process and relevant systems within general procurement.

The following objectives for group-wide procurement are defined in this project:

  • Transparency across all procurement transactions
  • Global control function in general procurement
  • Reduction of non-value-added activities.

To achieve these goals, Volkswagen focuses on the use of standard systems, such as SAP SRM, in order to benefit from standard processes and consistent user interfaces.

Within the “K-SRM” project, the Consenso takes on development and application support of various subsystems in the field of SRM, including related interfaces as well as SRM support cockpits. Further important areas are customer-specific developments, such as entry, consolidation and distribution of supplier master data, involving SRM with independent WebDynpro interfaces, integrated into the enterprise portal.

Consenso implements logistic auditing at Feneberg

Feneberg is a family-operated company located in Kempten and running 75 food markets. “From the region for the region” – that is the Fenebergs’ slogan. “VonHier” (“From here”) is their most regional and popular environmental brand name. Behind all this and for more than ten years already, there has been a growing network of farmers and producers from the region – currently about 600, thus being able to offer Feneberg’s  customers more than 400 various “VonHier” food products.

Cooperation between Consenso and Feneberg has lasted since 2007 already.  Services provided by Consenso comprise integration and maintenance of SAP FI/CO, in particular implementation and subsequent maintenance and further development of logistic auditing. The standard has been extended by

  • an efficient GR/IR settlement
  • invoice reduction via credit memo requests
  • invoice reduction via general ledger accounts

Consenso has been supporting invoice IDoc processing and optimisation of standard routines and the IDoc monitor.

Furthermore, Consenso and Feneberg designed and realised customer-specific POS accounting.