E-Commerce and Mobile Applications

Your Start into Mobile Business – Practical and Without Any Risk

Mobility and flexibility change business models and strategies. Comprehensive multi-channel approaches and increasing linkage of companies with their business partners (manufacturers, suppliers) and end customers lead to extended possibilities. The employee does not have to be at his workplace to fulfil his tasks, but he/she can work on the go. This leads to changes in processes, applications and IT systems. If companies act now, mobile processes can secure competitive advantages.

A practical start into mobile business brings the perfect cross-linking of contents, procedures and technology. The components are called information workshops, quick start & rapid prototyping as well as mobile strategy.

A key element of Consenso’s service package is the quick start & rapid prototyping based on customer requirements and jointly defined sample processes. Implementation is effected either in the customer’s system landscape or in Consenso’s template environment.

From the start, you receive:

  • a first overview of the solution’s architecture concept
  • your mobile business strategy
  • the prototype: a user interface on the mobile device (e.g. iPad)
  • the mapping of mobile processes (scenario) based on mobile business objects

the backend connectivity to your ERP system.