Consenso supports rollout of the new SAP Retail template in EDEKA Minden-Hannover

EDEKA Minden-Hannover, the largest EDEKA region, introduces the new, standardised LUNAR template for regional ERP (RWWS, Regionale Warenwirtschaft) based on SAP Retail.

Minden is the first region to combine the RWWS template with the new platform for Supply Chain Management (SCM). This fact makes the project a very special challenge and one of the largest IT projects in the history of German trade.

With this new SCM platform EDEKA as well as SAP reach a new stage in logistics planning for retailers. The software covers e.g. analysis of the best distribution centre (available-to-promise) for each order and automatic fair share allocation of available goods to the ordering stores in case of shortfalls.

Consenso supports RWWS/SCM implementation at EDEKA Minden-Hannover with management, consulting and development services.

Furthermore, Consenso supports IT in Minden in the following fields:

  • Controlled integration of the stores’ existing ERP solutions into the new wholesale ERP solution based on the LUNAR template.
  • Rollout of the solution in additional 1,800 stores.
  • Implementation of new shelf labels in the stores taking into account simultaneous use of different ERP systems.
  • Centralisation of local article creation in the stores towards wholesale


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