Freelance Collaboration

Consenso sees itself as a reliable partner also for long-term freelance collaboration. Essential elements are a common understanding of the quality standards to which Consenso has committed itself and integration into our procedures.

If you share our ideas as a basis for cooperation, we are looking forward to hearing from you and will come back to you with a short-term date proposal.

Please contact or send your application to:

Consenso Consulting GmbH
Meisenstraße 94
D - 33607 Bielefeld

Your contact person:

Ute Susak
Consenso Consulting GmbH
Meisenstraße 94
33607 Bielefeld

T: +49 521 2606211
F: +49 521 2606199
M: +49 152-22848878

We are looking forward to meeting you.