Successful implementation of Real estate Management by Consenso at Porta

Porta Möbel GmbH & Co. KG is one of the three leading furniture companies in Germany, operating furniture stores named Porta, SB Möbel Boss and Hausmann from its headquarters in Porta Westfalica.

Implementation of SAP RE-FX was based on a prototypical approach. A first prototype was built and then enhanced during the following design phase and based on the results of several workshops with the business departments. The workshops provided essential information on organisation structures, master data of business partners and real estates as well as contract management and controlling requirements.

Following design and prototyping, the further implementation strategy – subsequently also realised together with Consenso – was defined. The implementation scope comprised complete real estate master and contract data administration, building the base for the comprehensive changeover to SAP RE-FX within a Big Bang in 2014. Since production start, Consenso has been supporting Porta in maintaining and enhancing the system.


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